Land of Lore Films

We founded Land of Lore Films in 2020, the telling of folklore and fairytales as short films. The folklore of Cumbria as part of the ‘Bard of Cumberland’, and the folklore of Stephen’s native Ayrshire.

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Folklore and Film

A boggart is either a goblin-like creature, or a malevolent spirit in English folklore. The household spirit behaves not unlike a poltergeist, the other inhabits fields, marshes, or other topographical features.

The Boggart of Leece


Boggart of Graythwaite


The tale of the knitting witch of Shap is retold as The Janet Tree


Dunmail is a legendary king of Cumberland associated with Dunmail Raise. According to tradition, Dunmail was the last king of Cumberland, and buried beneath the cairn at Dunmail Raise after having been slain by the English. Retold as Dunmail, the last King of Cumbria

Adam Bell was a legendary English outlaw. He and his companions William of Cloudsley and Clym of the Clough lived in Inglewood Forest near Carlisle – Adam Bell: the Robin Hood of the North

The Tale of Sawney Bean – Alexander Sawney Bean was said to be the head of a 45-member clan in Scotland in the 16th century that murdered and cannibalized over 1,000 people in the span of 25 years. #AyrshireFolklore

A famous Lake District ghost story, the screaming skulls of the Crook family – The Screaming Skulls of Calgarth

A ghost story from Ulverston, the first sighting in the 1940s of a “giant” – An Ulverston Ghost Story

The Red Lady / Lady in Red is a type of female ghost attributed to a woman of vanity, a murdered prostitute, or a woman killed in a fit of passion. Red Lady of Woodland as witnessed by Stephen, and retold by the Bard of Cumberland

Fairytales and Film

Bedtime Tales : a re-imagining of some of our classic fairytales in less than one minute

Little Red Riding Hood in 54 seconds

The Three Little Pigs in 52 seconds

The Gingerbread Man in 53 seconds