The ism of Blah


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The ism of Blah sticks two fingers up to mainstream art, where everything is an ‘ism’; and becomes a narrative to the absurdity of modern existence in an age of Fake News; social media; reality TV; celebrity gossip; false prophets; personality cults, blah blah blah

Part 1 – Religion

a d XI kal Aug MMXVII – In the ancient Kingdom of Rheged, two wandering seekers, henceforth to be known as Blah and Blah, by divine chance stumbled upon an ancient woodland known as Lignum Adstrue Gibberum.
Prehistoric sounds permeated from the roots of an aged Castaneae sativa, and filled their consciousness with the imprints of the mighty profound Blah.
This rising sap of absolute awareness of reality electrified the surrounding atmosphere and transmutated their minds into a complete neurological Blah-holistic other-worldliness.
Henceforth to be known as “The Profound Realisation of the Universe According to Blah”

Part 2 – Fake News

The verbal diarrhoea that has become 24 hour news.

Part 3 – Cults